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firesiderats's Journal

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Rats of the Fireside Bowl
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an ultra-lovin' livejournal community for those who have already found the fireside bowl as that same real-life agent

"what's it all about?" you ask? well it's definately about the going's and happening's of the fireside bowl. shows, the (impending) tear down, fond memories, ...whatever you want. and more? well it's about the music that we love. talk about your favorite bands (whether you've seen them at fireside or no), talk about what it feels like to be at shows.... because more so than most anything else, this community is about appreciating what going-to and being-at shows means to us.

this community is monitored by eeaniemeanie who can be reached at eeaniemeanie@yahoo.com
"free" posters, alk3, anarchism, anarchists, appalled suburban kids, arcade games, asbestos, assholes, attacking strangers, benefit shows, bihawks, bowling, broken arcade games, broken benches, buttons, chain smokers, chain smoking, chicago, chuck taylors, chucks, cigarrettes, circle pits, clouds of smoke, colored hair, colorful hair, converse, converse shoes, crowded venues, crowds, crumbling ceilings, crust punk, crustcore, crusties, crustpunk, deals gone bad, demo tapes, dirty bathrooms, dirty floors, disobeying maximum capacity, drinkers, drinking in the bathroom, drunks, earplugs, easycore, eating ice, elmer's glue, emo frames, emo glasses, emo kids, equality, fighting, fights, fire hazards, fireside, fireside bowl, first grade crush, fliers, floor punching, free merch, free merchandise, free stickers, free stuff, glaring, glaring at people, growling, hardcore, hardcore dancing, harrassing strangers, head banging, head bobbing, hitting on strangers, idle threats, independent labels, indie, indie labels, kissing, knox, loitering, long lines, loose asbestos, low ceilings, making out, meeting new people, meeting people, merch table, metal, mohawks, mosh pits, moshing, movieside, mu330, music, no air-conditioning, oi, orgies, orgies on the floor, patches, pins, politics, posers, preppie suburbanites, punk, punks, pyrotechnics, roach-infested gumball machines, rubber bracelets, saftey pins, screaming, screamo, shows, singing along, ska, skanking, skanks, skins, skunk, slackers, smoke, speedcore, spikes, stealing posters, steel toed boots, steel toes, steel-toed boots, straightedge, straightedgers, street punk, street teams, studs, suburban posers, supersleuth, sxe, talking to strangers, teen idols, the 500 hats, the arrivals, the fireside, the fireside bowl, the indecisives, the lawrence arms, the scene, the slackers, the tossers, thrashcore, trihawks, venues, water fights, world inferno friendship society, writing on the walls

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